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Everyone wants a fast-paced, high-quality, attractive website, don’t they? When it comes to e-commerce you need all these things and with Merlin software website integration you will get all that and have the added bonus of ensuring your website integrates properly with your Merlin business software.

With our Merlin software website integration service, we can integrate many E-Commerce platform websites with the Merlin business software package. We can also, integrate Magento websites with Merlin Business Software. This will provide a fast, seamless link between both systems which in turn allows your website to be fully updated with products and accounts. Plus, you can also query critical data in real-time too.
You’ll also be able to utilise our Web Services Tool Set which will display the same product data that is held in your Merlin system. This gives you a single source for your data and negates the need to keep two separate channels up to date simultaneously. Giving you less work and a more secure website.

With our Merlin software website integration services, you’ll be able to access a variety of features that can be split into three categories products, sales, and account management. Find out more about each category below.

Products and Sales

Websites are a hub for products and sales, aren’t they? To help ensure the smooth running of your website we offer twice daily synchronisation. This means keeping an up-to-date inventory will be quick and easy.

The rest of the essential data is all collected in real-time as well from stock information to pricing details, discounts, and much more! This means high accuracy is guaranteed. You can find out more about our high-quality sales and product features below.

  • You are able to accept retail orders directly from any cash account.
  • You can manage your website/sitemap directly from Merlin.
  • Manage and group products together quickly and easily.
  • Twice a day synchronisation for all your products.
  • Manage all type of media locally from your server.
  • Merlin can also be used for real-time ordering.
  • Access real-time stock figures from Merlin.
  • Get real-time prices from Merlin.
  • Easily cross-sell/up-sell products.
  • Create unique offers/promotions.

Account Management

There are many amazing benefits to using Merlin Software. The software is incredibly versatile and ideal for retail websites of all designs. Synchronization is quick, fast, and easy! To help outline how this versatile and easy account management can help you we have listed some of the amazing benefits below.

  • Any existing customer is able to order directly through their account.
  • You can utilise a wide-range of product ordering templates.
  • Access a quick order mechanism.
  • Secure and quick online invoice payments.
  • A quick and versatile quotes page.
  • Read any delivery documents through your account.
  • You can manage any budgeting information quickly and easily.
  • Quickly display a 4-month order history.
  • A detailed current order page.
  • An in-depth/ detailed invoice page.
  • Control any multi-level permissions and order authorisations directly.

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Merlin Software
Website Integration

The rest of the essential data is all collected in real-time as well from stock information to pricing details, discounts, and much more!
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